International Questionnaire Generator
Data Collection

If you are looking for ways to collect online survey data, search no more.

We have the tools you need for conducting online international - multi lingual surveys.

Between the following three tools, you will find the one that suits your research.

IQgenerator is a survey tool built on open source Joomla system.


ISGEN is a sophisticated tool, developed by us, based on .NET technology, and can be integrated with any XML based system.


PDFtoCSV is for researchers or institutes who wish to convert paper forms to online forms, and collect the results to CSV format (for Excel, SPSS, and similar programs). It keeps the form as PDF, which has the exact alignment of the paper form, and has the ability to post tabular data. with this tool you have the option to give users the ability to fill tabular forms, and every PDF form will be posted to a separate spreadsheet file.

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